My first Post

I created this blog because im really bored. I have my winter break going on now. I study in a medical college and i’m currently supposed to be studying for my exams in Feb-March.. i Know long time for Feb-March, Why am i supposed to be studying for it now? Because its going to be my final exams then. In these exams anything from my past four years can b asked. Which is a pretty scary thought to me, an average student and i literally tend to forget everything i studied after im done with my exams. Its all out of my head no matter how perfectly i knew it before. Enough of my exams and studies, I came to know about this website from one of my friends and i really don’t want to reveal who i am, because i’m a really shy person and frankly speaking i’m scared about what people will think about my thoughts. Will they think im stupid? What if they lie to my face saying wow what you wrote is really amazing.. but behind my back they are bitching about me?

I really want to avoid all that!! And just be anonymous and have all the fun 😉

let me entertain u with my blog anonymously. Please do leave your comments about what you think. I would love to hear them. 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts too ~

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