21 things about Hindi TV Shows –


1) In the starting few episodes, the hero – heroine have major hatred for each other. No matter what they cannot stand each other.

2) Even tho the hero-heroine hate each other, yet destiny always forces them to b together giving them no other choice but to bear each others presence. (so unreal.lol)

3) If the hero-heroine do fall in love, both sides of the family have to hate each other.

4) Or the mother-in-law is a cunning evil woman.

5) If everyone loves everyone (incl families), then there has to be a presence of ONE family member who cannot stand others happiness and keeps screwing things up between the happy couples.

6) If its about a rich family, How can a GOLD DIGGER not be present?

7) The heroine or any of the actresses in the show, no matter what drama is going on, have to look beautiful with eye shadow, blush, lipstick everything.

8) You might even finding them sleeping with their watches on.

9) Whenever there is a fight, there has to be crazy background music. and they have to focus and zoom the camera on every character’s face present to show their reaction atleast a 100 times to each sentence said!

10) No matter what the villain does, it always brings the hero-heroine closer.

11) Whenever the hero-heroine have a scene, somehow the heroine always trips and falls into the hero’s arms. no matter where they are. even if its in an office. (lol. seriously!)

12) And then they have a minute of staring into each other’s eyes in tht position. (if anyone did stand like that for a minute, they would have major back problems, lol, but ofcourse our Indian hero is capable of anything 😉 )

(exactly like this)

13) or somehow again destiny keeps making them fall onto each other, always the hero falls on the ground with the heroine on top of him. And he doesn’t even fracture a single bone.

14) They are endless – seriously they can drag it for years.

15) In every soap, there must be at least one extra-marital affair, and every extra-marital affair has to produce an illegitimate child.

16) Mindless math of money: Rich folks can lose their money if they screw up one deal out of the millions they deal with everyday. They are shunned to a small house if one of their 50 factories catches fire. Yet, the brands of saris, makeup and jewellery that their women adorn remain exactly the same. They don’t have beds to sleep in, but they have jewellery that they can wear even as they do the dusting and sweeping of the house.

17) Drum rolls: Whether someone dies or a supposed-to-be-dead person returns (only to attend his/her spouse’s wedding of course), your eardrums are sure to be pierced. These same beats follow any argument, slaps, and shocking moments in general.

18) Non-existent door lock: You live in a big, huge mansion and you do not have locks on your bedroom door? In some cases even the bathroom doors don’t have locks. This is just a disaster waiting to happen. Some nosy aunty from the ‘kunba’ (family) can easily peek into your bedrooms when you are getting naughty with your husband’s sister’s husband’s cousin. Like I said, a disaster waiting to happen.

19) The hero is SUPER strong, he can even fight 10 MEN (who have sticks,knives, guns) at a time and still WIN the fight!

20) There has to be A HEART ATTACK SCENE! (can even occur in the middle of a marriage ceremony – in order to stop the marriage from taking place )

21)  Whenever the heroine prays to God, the wish no matter what it is,has to come true!

PS: A few points are mine. A few points are from another blog – the link is here – http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/9703/10-things-i-hate-about-indian-soaps/

Lol i love Hindi shows. Even though they are unreal at times. I love the romance bits especially. Hope you had fun reading them – Do leave a comment with your thoughts – xoxo




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