Why is 2012 a very special year to me?

2012 brought a lot of happiness to my family. In December of 2011, My cousin brother had his wedding ceremonies, During his wedding my own brother met his life partner. Well it wasn’t love. It was completely arranged by both the mothers. And on December 31st, 2011 my brother got engaged to her. It was really exciting. I finally had a sister! Alhamdolillah 🙂 And she did make my brother very happy. When he was with her we saw a complete different side of his personality. His romantic side. It was totally cute.

In May, he got married to her. Again we all flew bak to India, the whole family met up again and all the wedding masti started! His wedding days, each minute was truly memorable to me. We girls in the family had all decided to wear sari’s. (It’s not common in our family to wear a sari during weddings, so it was something totally new to us girls.) And the amount of pranks we played on the groom and bride, adding extra amount of salt in the bride’s ice cream, hiding the shoes, etc and many more 😛

Other things that happened with me was I met a guy – it was arranged by one of the aunties, I don’t know why aunties have to arrange rishta’s so early – I had just turned 20 and first I was in shock that omg im 20. It felt like I was totally grown up. And I was going to have a lot more responsibilities. I missed the teen part in my age. I missed sayin im eighTEEN, nineTEEN I was feeling slightly depressed that my teenage years are over and im growing up fast. Then my mom put another shock in my head that this aunty thought I was compatible with this guy, and she wanted us to chat since I was back in Dubai and he was living in India. I was in DENIAL at first. Like noways. Like chatting will help me decide wether I want him as my life partner or not. Eventually v did meet up, but it dint work out.

And secretly I was kinda really happy it didn’t cause sometimes I still feel im still not ready to get hooked. I don’t know how to speak with adults, I’m really shy. I always wonder what I’m I going to speak to my mother in law whenever I get one? I’m not like those girls who are perfectly capable of talking well and joking around with grownups who are arnd 40+. I can’t! or maybe I will learn how to deal with it when the time comes.

Though it was in May that time… that first time i met someone, it made me think and now I really know what to talk when I need to go meet a guy. I even realized what I wanted in my life partner.

Then I had my exams. Ramazan began. And then the best days of my life started, Eid. Eid was amazing. My cousins had come down and spent a week. In this year we met thrice!! It was so memorable. Staying up late and watching movies together. Talking for hours. Going out. Fighting about who gets to sit in the front seat in my uncle’s amazing huge 4wheel drive. (lol yes we r still kids about that 😛 )

Though UAE was super hot in around that time. And then August ended. My last semester in college began. And I realized many things in this last semester. I learnt to be confident in treating patients, how to talk to them smartly.

I learnt in life you can’t let others manipulate you for their wants n needs. I need to stand up for myself. I realized who my true friends really were. Like the people who actually cared about me. I learnt that life was all about what you want to do. If I want something really badly, I need to fight for it sometimes.

I kinda went crazy on Pringles in these last few months – It was my new addiction!! i needed to have one box everyday. Sadly i put on weight because of that which made me get ovr the addiction. 😦

And Now I started blogging which is something I thought I would never enjoy but surprisingly I’m loving every minute of it.

I hope 2013 is equally amazing as 2012. 😀


Would love to hear your thoughts too ~

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