Braveheart’s friend Speaks –

Read this article first –

Have you ever felt so mad at some one, so much anger? so much rage? that you just want to get up and do something and make a change? I feel exactly like that right now. I really want a change in our Indian System. I want our Braveheart’s rapists to suffer!! I want them to be tortured brutally like how they tortured the innocent girl. After reading the article on Zee News about what the rape victim who everyone refers to as Braveheart, and her friend went through, i feel ashamed of being an Indian. I feel depressed. How can we humans be such selfish beings?? How is it that even after seeing someone in desperate help lying on the road bleeding and not come forward for help. How can someone just ignore such a thing they saw on the road and move on and forget what they saw without feeling even little bit of guilt. I feel bad that half of the world is only tweeting, facebooking, and blogging (including me) but no one is really doing anything about it. I feel helpless. I feel terrible that all the protesting done out there by the youth in  Delhi, none of it is making a difference.  I feel rage at the government for not yet taking any further action about the punishment of those rapists. I don’t see the Indian government taking any action, like how we expect the rapists to be punished. I don’t know why the government is behaving this way. They are just acting dumb.

Yet, after the Delhi rape victim’s incident, 17 more gang rape’s are reported. What is the Police doing???????  Doesn’t anyone care about this??

What is wrong with our Indian Government???

I have never felt so ashamed and feel completely disgusted to be called an Indian.

I wish i could really do something more then just typing this. I want to feel  proud of my country. I need to feel proud of my country. 😦


Would love to hear your thoughts too ~

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