How Cool is this!!

How Cool is this!!

I found this photo across a blog while browsing,, i totally loved it!! I knew i just needed to post this on my blog. I am so going to try this. 🙂 Whoever clicked this is a brilliant photographer..!! or do you think its photoshopped?? 😛


3 thoughts on “How Cool is this!!”

  1. I guess there is not to much photoshop. That is backlight photography and is awesome. The person is in shadow because the lights comes from behind. I can enjoy looking on these images too. 🙂 However I think you should do credit the person with a backlink to his/her blog. It was for me not possible to find the blog you mentioned.

    1. Hey dennis, thanks for coming by my blog 🙂 wel the person whose blog i found the photo frm wasn’t the photographer, he/she had randomly put it up as well, otherwise i wld hv surely mentioned. I think the photo is totally awesome too!!

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