Two free days due to a big fat lie!

so yesterday, me and two other classmates of mine, we were posted at this pediatric center, when i reached the place, our doctor who we are posted with, informed us that this week no children would be coming for treatment, so there would be no postings in this place and we had to inform our college. So we asked the doctor if the pediatric center to let us atleast sign our attendance. She said we would have to inform our department first.

so we three talked about it, that if we informed our college, they would post us in this yuck hospital, where no patients come at all. Our college would never give us a free day just like that. And we would be just sitting and wasting our time in that yuck hospital for attendance sake. The rest of the day would be a big drag!!

And if we didn’t inform them, we wouldn’t get our attendance as well.

So we decided to lie to the pediatric center doc that we informed our college and they told us to sign it, and go bak home, since there was no other hospital they could place us in for the day. 😛

i know. we are big fat liars. 😛

Thankfully she din’t call our college and check with our department about it..instead she just smiled at us and i think she kinda understood we were lying.. dunno..but she removed the attendance sheet without any questions and let us sign it for today and tomorrow.

And we are freeeee for two days! 😀

Sometimes lying really rocks. 😛


Would love to hear your thoughts too ~

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