US English making me doubt my spellings!

Don’t you just hate it, when your English is right and yet Microsoft word or twitter or while writing a blog post, you get a red line below some words!! Thats because of the difference of the UK English and US English. I have studied UK English from school and i guess all these websites have US English uploaded as the main language. Initially i really use to think that i have forgotten my spellings..for example i would type favourite and a red line would come below.. because the US spelling is Favorite. I would literally go on google and check it up…then later on i realised I don’t have dementia or dyslexia or anything, its the difference in both these languages And i still remember my spellings correctly 😀


6 thoughts on “US English making me doubt my spellings!”

  1. So, have you ‘realized’? 😉

    Sorry! 😛

    You change this setting in your browser; I’ve just forgotten how! I’ve recently returned to using Mozilla Firefox after suffering with Google Chrome and I’ve got the exact problem you’ve described. It is irritating.

    I was looking around for a solution earlier, when I found an option to install an Australia-English dictionary… I had no idea such a thing existed!! 🙂

  2. It definitely can get confusing! I am American, but lived in Australia where they use UK spelling, so I know what you mean about favourite vs. favorite. Also, the Aussies and Brits don’t use “z” much whereas in the US we use it quite a bit (e.g. realize, specialize, criticize…etc.) Thanks for sharing this and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the Friday Funny Sign! Steph

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