L.B.A Answers!!

i got the Liebster Blog Nomination again and this time the person is my very own awesomest cousin of all times – (here is her website link – http://guardianangel112.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/the-liebster-blog-award/ )- , she is the only person who knows who i really am!! The only one who knows about my blogging secret!! If you want to know my real name most prolly you should start bribing her! lol 😛 

She specially asked me to answer her questions, so here are my answers – 

1) What is that one thing you have always wanted in life the most?

i dunooo.. i’m happy with everything i have.. 🙂

2) Two unique traits in you which others seldom have.

– i can literally laugh on anything (even at a funeral, at my problems anything. i have even laughed at my patient once.. Thankfully he was a positive person too otherwise i wld hav been screwd!!! 😛 yes, i’m crazy lyk tht) and i can be adaptable to anything. I’m not tht kind of person who needs something to be done a particular way only..i can adjust to anything easily.

3) List your Best Friends and Enemies. 

lol..i have 3 besties not taking names bcoz of my secrecy.. I’m a v friendly person i don’t think anyone hates me. or maybe sum1 does. :-O no clue! 

4) Your All-time Favourite Movie.

Rockstar, Titanic, 

5) Your first crush.

Daniel Radcliffe,, well i was 13, i had a whole scrapbook filled with his pictures and stickers, and i knew every detail about his life,,,and imagine that time neither facebook nor twitter were yet made…yes i was madly crushing on him!! but got over him by the time the third HP movie was out…because he started growing his hair..made him look like a girl.. 

6) One memorable movie dialogue or quote you absolutely love.

You’re no one until you’re talked about – GossipGirl

Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes.

We all make difficult choices in life. The hard thing is to live with them.

7) Which is your favorite food and food joint?

Pizza, Falafil Sandwich and Pasta. I think my favourite food place would be Pizza Hut, Vanellis or Romas.

8) What is that one thing which can always bring a smile to your face?

chocolate 🙂

9) What does love mean to you?

love..hmm.. love is something unconditional. 

10) Any new year resolution for 2013?


11) Describe ME in one word.

Awesome… 😉 all my influence after all ;-P

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