BAND OR DJ – HIMYM – Episode 13 Quotes –

I caught up with the latest HIMYM episode, “BAND OR DJ” episode 13 from season 8 – OMG! The episode was awesome..!! Robin’s dad was epic!! and Barney was totally amazing!! 🙂 Here are some quotes from the episode –

Mr. Scherbatsky: This is Barney? This man is blonde. Grown men are not blonde.

Mr. Scherbatsky: You really should respond to my friend request. I post a lot of great stuff. You familiar with memes? There’s a cat that says, “I can has cheeseburger?”

Ted: Lily! I’m eating chili. I’m eating chili Lily!

Ted: “The big deal is.. Robin deserves better than some crappy unreliable band. I’m sure that band seem cool with their nice suits and their well rehearsed moves but let’s be honest.. Bands let you down. They cheat, they deceive and God knows they slept with every girl in New York city. I just.. I can’t believe Robin is going through with marrying the idea of getting a band.”

Lily: “Let’s cut the crap, we’re both freezing, just say it and we can go downstairs.”
Ted: “Say what?”
Lily: “Say how much you hate that Barney and Robin are getting married.”
Ted: “What? No. I’m happy for them. I encouraged Robin to go after Barney.”
Lily: “I know. Because you thought you’re okay letting her go but now that she’s really gone.. It hurts.”
Ted: “At that point in my life.. I’ve been hurt quite a few times already. But when I saw that text message and found out that Robin was engaged, it was like times a million.”

Lily: “You thought you were okay with letting her go.”

Lily: “Sometimes, i want to pack a bag and leave in the middle of the night and not come back.”

Ted: “She should be with me”

Lily- I think we have to accept our burdens in life … and I have to be a mom … For a beautiful, wonderful … a little constipated baby … and you have to let Robin and Barney to hire a band …

Barney: Oh no! Fluffernutter peed all over my pants!

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