I don’t want to start a fight, these are just my thoughts….


Its so annoying when people don’t respect other people’s religions. It pisses me off! What right do you have to abuse or make fun of another person’s religion? Don’t we all believe in God. And that God is one.

If you don’t believe in God, well that is your choice in life.

I am a Muslim. I don’t understand why do Christians hate Muslims. Is it because of 9/11 twin tower attack?

First of all, there are controversies about it, that Americans planned this attack to blame it on the Muslims and create terror in the hearts of people, that Islam is not a good religion and to create hate for Muslims and to destroy the Muslim world.

I’m NOT saying this is the reason. or i believe in it. This is what i have been reading online and on blogs. Again let me remind you its just a controversy!! its NOT PROVED!

Second of all, these terrorists they say they are doing it in the name of Jihad. And this question is to the people who believe them..Do you even know what is the real meaning of Jihad?

These terrorists are doing these wrong acts in the name of Jihad is like for example someone who is a christian saying we bombed so and so mosque because Jesus Christ asked us to in the Bible. So we should destroy it.

Sorry, i don’t mean to infuriate you Christians or spread wrong things. I respect all religions. That was just an example of how people in this world demean the Muslim world.

First of all think about it, Why would God want something like this to happen to the people in this world? Why would he want people to destroy people? Its just us people who keep doing wrong things and fight for power. When actually none of all that is important. In the end, anyways we all are going to die.

My point is that there is nothing wrong with the Islam religion.

There are just a few nut cracks who do the wrong things.. and manipulate the true meaning of  Islamic words into false meanings. And the world is stupid enough to believe them and are actually allowing people to manipulate their minds with the wrong meanings, without finding out the real meanings from the authentic sources and just wants to be scared of Islam.

Islam is not a bad religion. It is bad, only if you do the bad things. In every religion, infact in this world, every bad thing has a punishment.

Why is drinking Alcohol considered a sin, because when people drink alcohol at some point they get addicted, they become high and end up doing the wrong things like rape, beating woman or children, liver damage. Is that a good thing?? No, right. You can’t even drive properly. You put your own life in danger.

Islam only prohibits you from doing things which can cause harm to your own self. its simple.


9 thoughts on “I don’t want to start a fight, these are just my thoughts….”

  1. I am a Christian and I havenothing against Muslims, people do crazy things no matter what religious order they choose to follow. Some people find it hard to understand others’ view and others’ don’t realise that just because a small group of people do a certain it doesn’t mean that whole section of society should be condemned. We all need to be more tolerant of each other.

  2. I too am a Christian- but more of a free-thinking one. I base my beliefs on the KJV (Bible) not what man says. I do and say things that I’m positive other Christians might disagree with, but I remind myself, Jesus was all about “change”. He told the chief priests, scribes, elders (of the church) etc. that their old ways were under “the law”- He wanted them to know a different way which was under the dispensation of “grace”, not law. Many hated Him for telling them that- they didn’t want to change. Change meant “forgiving their enemies”, and looking inside themselves with a magnifying glass. I love Jesus because He (inadvertently) kicked up the dust wherever He went and was seen as “controversial”. I’m reminded of the Scripture that we must “contend for the faith”. If you believe in something- you must fight for it at some point in your life. I applaud your courage here in this post, and your honesty. I’ve grown tired of sugar coating things so as to not offend people. We don’t need to sugar coat things- we just need stronger backbones. 😉

    Also, the word Christian literally means “Christ-like”. If I see a person here or there, and they claim to be a Christian, but carry hatred daily as a message- they’re not a Christian. Maybe they’re trying to be, who knows, but to be a “Christian” means you carry a message of love in your heart, and it comes out in the work you do, especially for others- not “the self”. Lots of people claim to be Christians! But as you said, as long as they’re hating a muslim, or somebody else- they’re absolutey not a “Christian”. I love this Scripture: (1 John 4:20) “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” Also, this one: (James 1:26) “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.”

    There is a very simple test that I run on people to determine if they’re a good person, or a bad one. It’s always accurate! Jesus said, (Matthew 17- 18, 20) ” A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” It really is that simple.

    Another thing to consider is this, as the Bible says, we’re made after the similitude of God. So then how can we say that we praise of bless God, and we then curse men, whom are made after God’s likeness? That person is immediately a hypocrite, yeah? Yeah. Don’t let the hatemongers push any button in you. 😉 Rise above it, and stay rooted in love, even for that ignorant person. xo And it’s a pleasure to meet you!

    1. Hey thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on this post. It really means a lot to me. I was so unsure about posting it. yeahh, they are hypocrites. i feel sorry for them that they think like that with half knowledge that they know. Well, inshallah(if god wishes), they might get over this hatred and focus on better important things in life, rather then wasting all their energy in hating each others religions. Also, Thank you for sharing the scriptures with me 🙂 And i totally agree, if you believe in something you should fight for it. Being silent gets you no where. And its better to raise you voice rather then to be silent and keep wondering what would have happened if i had said something, would it have made a difference. I love the one about the evil fruit and good fruit. It is sooo trueeee!!! And your right, i shall definitely not allow the hatemongers to get to me. 🙂

      1. Good for you. 🙂 I try to never forget that as Believers, we “must” be persecuted. Not maybe, not “probably”..no, we absolutely cannot escape persecution at some time or another- we’re tested, you know? If we despise those that persecute us, we’re just as guilty. It’s not always easy! And in today’s “fluffy-bunny” world, we’re definitely going to offend somebody somewhere, but hey, stand firm in what you believe in. 🙂 And remember, when you come across muslim-haters out there, remind yourself that they’re void of love because they’re void of Truth. And, by hating you, they’re just bringing the scriptures to pass, anyway. When all the world loves you and thinks you’re great- you’re not on the right track. 😉

        Hope your day is a good one! xo

      2. LOL true that!! 😛

        we are constantly tested..your perfectly right!! at some point we are always going to be hated. And v need to stand firm n strong. I shall surely remember this the next time. 🙂 You too have an awesome day ahead 🙂

  3. I started following your blog because you are so right!
    It’s not the religion which is bad it’s the people who make the religion bad. I don’t understand why so many people follow those extremist people, they should read the Koran themselves instead of believing everything what is told them. Read it yourself, understand it yourself and feel it yourself.

    1. yes that is my point exactly..!! Thank you for taking the time to read this. 🙂 There are some people who just believe what they hear or see without doing any research on it and we live in a world where media plays a major role in hyping up stuff – right or wrong – and manipulating us at times too. We can’t really do anything about it. We can’t make other people change their views about topics until they are ready to see it and accept it themselves. So all we can do is to always make sure that we never follow the wrong path. Have faith, keep praying and be strong against those haters. 🙂

  4. Exactly! 😀 The media exchange information with eachother, but they all keep showing a problem from one perspective . For example when 9/11 happened it wasn’t like all muslims were throwing a party, yes the extremist muslims were, but a lot of other muslims were in shock too. But no one wants to see that, “that’s not news! That doesn’t bring money! But like you said, never follow the wrong path and be strong against haters 😀

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