DP: Flangiprop!

DailyPrompt: Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 


it could be a code for a secret mission, MISSION FLANGIPROP,

OR a food name – Yesterday we ate Flangiprop for dinner!

and then maybe Android, who keep naming their platforms after food like Android JellyBean, IcecreamSandwich, Donut, Cupcake, –  would name its next new latest platform Android Flangiprop! Imagine people saying,

“Hey guess what! I bought a new tablet. Its Android Flangiprop! “

“Flangiprop!  Awesome Dude! “


How would you define Flangiprop as??

– xoxo


34 thoughts on “DP: Flangiprop!”

      1. And P.S. I have a BIG surprise for you at the beginning of the week !! But I cannot tell you 🙂 But, you are gonna love it ! Trust me!!!

      2. yeah! there is no hard and fast rule about the post! you could post it tomorrow or later also!! Its a prompt to bloggers who have no clue what to write about, plus u get a LOT of views! (bcoz of the pingback)

        OMG! i’m super curious!!! tell meeeee! 😛 lol i can’t wait to see what it is!!

      3. ul post it on ur Monday morning, that means i have to wait til my Monday Night bcoz of the time difference!!!! 2more Dayss!! this curiosity is going to kill meeeee! lol i can’t wait, gime a clue! 😛

      4. You will love it! It is an accomplishment for your blog:) That is all I am saying… If I get spare time… (Daughter’s hair, practice Black History Day @ Church, Hotel Translavania Party, etc…) this weekend, I will post it sooner 🙂

      5. Oo! me excited for it!! 😀 take your time! i think il survive with the clue, il be a good girl and wait for it 😀 Your weekend sounds awesome!! Have fun..enjoy! and now i think i took a super long break! – me returns back to my books!

      6. Well the studying bit truly sucks! but then its your career choice so it will motivate you too! Between school and College, i had a 5 month break, when college started i had forgotten how to hold a pen and write neatly!! lol my hands would literally shake!!

      7. 5yrs, whoaa!! From what i hv read from your posts, you hv been through a lot!! Well alteast your in a better place in life now, And thats whats more important..What are you planning to study further??

      8. i’m studying physical therapy! doing my bachelors,,,i think il be a good therpist, i jst need to make sure i don’t break or dislocate any1s bones.,.. my mom keeps saying so! 😛

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