STUDY (Verb) –

STUDY (Verb) – The act of  texting, eating, watching TV with an open textbook nearby!



I can totally relate to the above! Right now my condition is literally like this! lol – can’t wait for these exams to get over!


5 thoughts on “STUDY (Verb) –”

  1. Hello! I found you on Jessica’s blog party . Love your page and the fact that you understand a students life. I’m going through college right now..getting Associates of Science this summer. Plan to transfer to four year in Florida. These last few years have felt the longest of my life! When I saw that highlighted book I had to reblog. Thats exactly what mine looks like right now! A giant neon sun! haha anyway hope your doing good and feel free to check out my page anytime 🙂

    1. “A giant neon sun” u gave it the perfect words!! lol

      Well i’m still a student tooo!! or atleast in the last few months of college life!!! Tomorrow my end of semester exams begin and then in March my finals!!! and in between my breaks of studying i think im all over wordpress, posting stuff about exams and studying!!
      I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts!! All the best with your degree!! 🙂

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