Narcissist Changed! :-O

Previously i had written about a friend who we (me and another friend) think is supposed to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And we used to get really annoyed with her Nature and attitude towards things.

In December, we had a huge argument with her about how we hate her Bugged attitude towards us.

Recently since Jan, since uni reopened the NPD friend – well il give her a fake name – ABC.

yeah so ABC has CHANGED.

She hasn’t been bugged even one day, She has become the most kindest person ever. She helps everyone. now a days there is a good side to her too. She’s happy in life. She loves making fun of things, even things which relate to her.

I don’t know wht or how these changes happened! It makes me feel guilty about the previous post i had written. You could read it here – (

we like to think She changed, because of our argument! and it has changed her into a better person!

We use to think if her attitude remained like this for the rest of her life, she would never have any friends and nobody would like her.

I mean the NPD symptoms, a few r still there, they are mild though – But I am really happy she has a new good positive nature, no more manipulating, i don’t feel like i’m suffering in her friendship anymore  and i hope she maintains this for the rest of her life.


If you want to read more about NPD,  – Check out this blog:


Would love to hear your thoughts too ~

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