Je ne veux pas …

Je ne veux pas travailler, Je ne veux pas déjeuner , Je veux seulement oublier ,
Et puis je fume –

I don’t want to work, I don’t want to eat lunch , I only want to forget, And then I smoke

– PinkMartini

I’m super addicted to this song right now! The chorus is stuck in my head all day! I found it while listening to music on 8tracks!! Its French, i wanted to hear a French song to see if i could understand the lyrics. I have studied French in school, so i do understand  few words, well really basics! I knew dejeuner was lunch, Je ne veux pas means i do not wish to, et is and, the rest i had to google!! 🙂

And also i realised reading up lyrics and finding out meanings would be a great way to brush up on all my school French. Any more great French Songs you guys know of??? Do mention! 🙂 I love music and reading up lyrics in my free time. Why not put it to good use! 😀

I found the song and translation from here –

Merci – xoxo


2 thoughts on “Je ne veux pas …”

  1. I have lots of French tunes on my playlist, but they’re all from old artists like Edith Piaf and Nina Simone and Charles Aznavour – all great artists and french tunes just never go out of fashion.
    Pink Martini is an exceptionally brilliant band and that 8tracks is just the best thing ever!!

    1. I agree 8 tracks is the BEST THING EVER! I’ve never heard of them, ur saying they are great so now im excited to hear their music, I shall definitely check out the other 3 artists too! Thanks 😀

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