Stop Child Abuse!

i just wrote this post today, and the daily prompt prompted about childhood. So felt like linking this post!

I found this video through facebook, It brought tears to my eyes. I know its in Hindi, and maybe you guys won’t understand it, But do watch it!

il tell u the meanings of the important words, the family is playing Dumb Charades, im assuming everyone knows that game, where through your actions you make the other person guess which movie your talking about.

So basically, The child is trying to tell his parents something.

Chacha – Uncle/ Father’s brother, Mere – mine, Kapde – clothes, Nikal -remove

The child was telling his parents that – Uncle was removing my clothes. And then he breaks down crying!

Child Abuse is the worse thing ever that can happen to any child. It can be done by a stranger, or even by your family relative and even by your own brother. yes. There are some sick bastard minds in this world. It is pretty creepy. I know so many of my friends who have at once in their life been abused by some stranger or relative.

The worse part about being abused by a family relative is your not sure whether you should tell your parents about it or not. All these thoughts go through your mind, will they believe you? What if they don’t?

Sometimes the parents just don’t believe it or are in denial that my brother can never do something like this to my child. Or they feel the child is making up stories.

Sometimes the relative can even go to the extent of blackmailing the child, that if you don’t do this il harm your parents. So the child does it quietly and suffers through it alone. He’s a child he wouldn’t want his parents to be in danger.

It has happened to me by a stranger. i haven’t been raped. Just been touched in the wrong places. i was dumbstruck. what is happening to me. he touched me and went away. I didn’t know how to react. I was in the 6th grade and was totally freaking out!I did tell my parents. I was terrorized, I was so scared of stepping outside the house. Even to go to a neighbour’s house in the next building would take my parents a lot of convincing.They would have to literally prepare me and i would take 1hour convincing myself nothing will happen. No one is going to come after you.
My mom told me if anyone comes after you again, SCREAM, yell, hit that person with whatever you have in your hand, run away from there.

And tht man being a jerk did come after me again after a month. He even marked my school bus timings, one day while coming back, he followed me into the building, and came towards me told me “hi how are you” and brought his hand forward to do something, before he could touch me anywhere, i just YELLED and sreamed at the top of my lungs! so that the nearest neighbour would open the door to check what is happening outside. And this man freaked out, and ran away. I never saw his face again!

Guys please, explain this to your kids. Please listen to their silence. Protect them. If they are trying to tell you something, hear them out. Sometimes its difficult for a child to talk to his parents about things. Do not keep your relationship like that. Make your child your bestfriend such that he/she is able to come and tell you anything like this in life. Explain to your children, that if anyone comes and does something like this to you, he should tell you immediately. Make your daughter keep pepper spray with her (i personally believe that is a very good idea). Don’t allow your child to suffer through this alone. This world is filled with all types of sick people.  We need to protect our younger ones.

Thankyou for Reading!! – xoxo


21 thoughts on “Stop Child Abuse!”

    1. I couldn’t watch it. I was raped by an uncle when I was only 4 and didn’t dare tell anyone because of the things said to me, like I would be blamed, I’d be hated by everyone, he’d deny it and I’d get spanked. Pretty powerful words for a child of four. Yup, I grew up an absolute wreck. This should NEVER happen to a child

      1. that uncle was a sick pathetic person a$$)#%*! Some men are worse then animals also! he should burn in hell. I’m so glad your in a better place in life now! I was a wreck too, i still am sometimes, i get paranoid at times that omg someone is following me, even though tht man walking on the footpath is just minding his own business, even now i still have those fears at times and literally come back home running. I really wish no child ever has to go through this!!! But there are sick men out there still. 😦 Do you know about the Delhi-gang-rape case which happened in December? It was sooo shocking, it happened to a 23 year old girl, 5 men brutally raped her, the details are horrific, you would be shocked to even read about them! She was in ICU for so many days, and passed away after two weeks. its a really pathetic world out there. 😦

  1. Nice post, haven’t seen this ad before. Yes abuse of any form is extremely pathetic, and young children who can’t fight back it’s just sickening. The first step in solving this problem to aware ourselves and those around us.

    1. Be aware when you around children.their words and behavior will betray their hurt
      if you care to see.

      Damaged children often feel invisible because no one cares to ask how they are, or even look at them..

  2. What a powerful post and video. I’m so glad nothing happened to you and your Mom teaching you the best thing. Do you mind if I reblog this for today’s post? Please say yes.

  3. Reblogged this on theseeker and commented:
    My mother was a professional dressmaker and she thought me how to sew. However, I hated sewing. How I wish I stuck with it, then I would have known how to shorten a skirt.
    My wish is for other children who did not have a happy childhood. Mischievouseyes captured my thoughts and she agreed that I can reblog her post. This is in response to Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited.

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