Its the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. From the awesome D34 – She has an amazing Blog. Check it out here –

As usual, each blog award has rules (in bold):

Display the award logo on your blog – Check ( here with all the others –
Link back to the person who nominated you – Check
State 7 things about yourself

1) Growing my nails is the most difficult thing ever.
2) I bite them, but i don’t eat them [if thats what your wondering 😛 ]
3) My mother tongue is Gujarati. (Indian Language)
4) But my Gujarati sucks. lol.
5) Many of my friends are amazed at that fact.
6) I never expected to be nominated as an Inspiring Blogger.

7) This made my day!

Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them

So, here are my nominee’s who inspire me through their posts with words, photos, poems, painitngs and quotes.

I know maybe some of you, already have been nominated before, but i just wanted to appreciate you guys again, and tell everyone how much i love reading your blogs.

5kidswithdisabilities –

seeker –

rarasaur –

MuffinsandMocha –

Alastair –

everythingunderthesunandmore –

monochromejunkie –

HarshReality –

Marsha Lee –

Saved In Drafts –

Ajaytao –

biljanazovkic –


Verybesttop10 –

lesleycarter –

Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements – I’m in the process of doing this.

I was also awarded for the Liebster Award again by Dmauldin53 who received the award twice! How cool is that!! – Thankyou so much!! Check out her blog here –

Congratulations Guys! And spread the award! – xoxo



  1. I will accept the award but only recently I have posted a similar award
    can I do it a third time, I think that is against the rules
    still I will try to post thank you

      1. no I will post but let me find a way

        thank you so much

        Are you a gujarati, I am a gujarati from Mumbai, India

        be in touch very nice to meet a gujrati

      2. If i tell u, il have to kill you. 😛 lol, I want to remain anonymous on my blog. I really don’t want people to know who i am. U could refer to me as mischievousEyez. I;m sorry.

      3. don’t kill me please, and don’t tell me your name

        I want to live please, forgive me mischievousEyes

      1. Well I think you’re just a doll. I love happy people and you certainly brighten up my day. 🙂 I admit that I’m awful at following up with the requirements for awards (links, etc.) but I want you to know that I’m very honoured. Thanks again. 😉

  2. ooooooh I don’t bite my nails, I pick them. They DEMAND to be picked. they get roughed up and jagged, and to fix that… pick, pick, pick, tear. MOre jagged pieces…. pick, pick, pick, tear. Ooops, no more nail… go to the next one… 🙂 🙂 Congratulations on being nominated as very inspiring. You are, indeed. Thanks for nominating me as well. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

  3. Ehem… it pays to be a seeker. Look what I found. My goodness. You are outstanding for a newbee. Being inspiring and sweet tells so much about your personality. BTW, I can see that seeker is list on the list of nominees. I am surprise. Happy Dance! Thank you, “me”. I better get my stash before you change your mind. xox

    1. Hhahahaha i love reading your comments!!! ❤ U always make me laugh! and the seeker deserves the award!!! 😉 Love reading all your posts!! They have an amazing message in them!! And it feels like a huge compliment that such an awesome blogger like u, find me – newbie,inspiring too!! Thankyou soo much!!! 😀

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