An Interesting Debate by The Weblogger – Natural Beauty or Cosmetics?? What would you prefer??? Share your views on her post!!! 🙂 Don’t be shy!! 😉

Guardianangel 112

There are alot of people I know, who are never satisfied with their looks, however beautiful they might be. To me, true beauty lies from the inside, not on the outside. To all you beautiful ladies out there, and to all you handsome men reading this post, here is a very simple question I would like to ask all of you. If you had a choice between being made to look beautiful and  liking yourself for the way you are, which one would you go in for? And also, there are alot of cosmetic surgeries and treatments people are spending millions of dollars over today, to achieve their perfect desired look. Are you in favour or against these treatments? Lets celebrate beauty as the month of March which is dedicated to women is around the corner. Do share in your views and opinions, and some of your best photographs as…

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    1. I can’t wait to read about your thoughts tooo!! She is my cousin, so i would love it if everyone took part in it!! 😀 i will comment in sometime!!! actually i hav a scary subject practical tomorrow,,so studying for that!! At times i feel like telling u guys who i am, other times i ‘m just like No, i don’t know why! its fun being anonymous!! LOL! 😛 Sometimes i even feel once the anonymity goes away, no one will be interested,,lol i have some seriously messed up crazy thoughts! I was thinking soon i shall make a post on the meaning of my name, maybe next week or something!! it will be fun 🙂

  1. I’m much more beautiful as an Ice Wolf lol 😉 But I like myself either way…or at least over the years I have learned to, it wasn’t always that way but beauty comes from within and looks are not everything…in fact they’re nothing if you’re a horrible, uncaring person. But everyone has an inner beauty hidden somewhere! Let it out folks! It transforms you on the outside and is of far greater value than the perception others have of your immediate physical appearance 🙂 And if you don’t believe you’re beautiful just keep telling yourself you are…you’d be surprised how quickly it can transform your life! 🙂

    (Posted this comment on the original post too 🙂 )

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