Beautifully written,, 🙂

A Shade Of Pen

I do not know why…but somehow this tragedy is special….the words got to me and it just flowed on and on…hope you love it as much as I do….

Standing at the edge of the cliff
I gaze down at the rocks beneath
Should I take a step ahead
And lie in peace and sleep in this bed…

On the cliff

Thinking of calling the final shots
I put forth one feet..until I hear footsteps
I turn back to find a dejected soul
Marching along to join me at the cliff

marching along

He never looks up to meet my gaze…
He marches ahead unaware of his steps
Weariness exudes from his eyes
And the face looks a tale of woe…
There is something that catches his attention
He stops in his stride and looks right at me
Slowly and steadily his lips curve in a smile
His face looks more pretty than I have…

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