Why am i so stupid?

Whenever you come back into my life, every time i wish now you must have changed.But your still the same. It sucks that i use to consider you the most awesomest person on this planet, But to you i was always just another useless peice of shit. it sucks that whenever you come back into my life, every time those feelings come back too. Why do you pretend to be innocent and strike a conversation, when really you just have other thoughts in your head? Rich guys are rich. But why do you not give a damn about a girls feelings. The stuff they show in movies, the rich guy falls for the simple girl, and its true love. Its all BULLSHIT. It sucks that all you care is about appearances.You don’t like the clothes i wear. Thats the barrier between us. You don’t know how much u hurt me when you said “because of your clothes.” It shows your mentality. It sucks that you want to call this a special  friendship,But to the world you want to show you don’t know me. I know you only just want to play around. It sucks that im stupid enough to fall for ur shit everytime your back in my life. Have you thought that the way you treat me, what if some dude treated your sister like that?? Or is the problem me? Why am i stupid enough to think i could change you into a better person? I should have just ignored you from the first day you messaged me. It sucks that despite the way you treat me like shit, i still believe there is some good in u. And someday u will change.

12 thoughts on “Why am i so stupid?”

  1. You are not stupid. You like to see the good in people, and that is to no fault of your own. But this friendship seems like a disaster. You can’t change people. You can live your life as a beacon to inspire the light around you, but unless that person is willing, then it is a hopeless cause.

  2. Ok…firstly you’re not stupid. Anything but. We have all been or even are, right now in that position. There is nothing wrong with you. You’re a great person and if the guy in question can’t see it then it’s his loss not yours. And if he’s so shallow that all he can think of is your clothes – which I have no doubt are excellent and look awesome on you – then you are most definitely better off without him. He’s clearly very immature and not ready for a relationship with any woman with that attitude. You on the other Wolfie paw 😉 are a beautiful young woman who deserves 110% better than anything he can (NOT!!!!) offer you! If he was right for you he would be right exactly as he is, warts and all. You can’t change him, only he can do that and he obviously doesn’t see any need. Fools are always blind so don’t worry about that, Move on from this arrogant individual who is only going to demoralise you and damage your self-esteem and confidence and focus on the important business of enjoying yourself and feeling good. You’ll be very surprised how quickly a really great guy will come along, who will want you for YOU not what clothes you wear or whatever. The right guy will be right for you just the way he is and vice versa. Don’t settle for less! A decent guy will support you and appreciate you just the way you are and you deserve that so hold your head up high and be proud and happy with you and your life 🙂
    Big Wolfie hugs 🙂

  3. Find someone that likes you without change from either source. Why try to control the change? Then you are being blinded by anothers fear. You have to be good first before you can be good for others.

      1. Then his loss find one who won’t loose. I have had 2 that wish thye hadn’t but did. Too late with me now. There is better out there. They can’t apprecaite what they have they deserve to loss it.

  4. This post made me feel sad and sorry for you.
    PLEASE know that you will never change anyone, other than yourself.
    See the wonderful person you are. Know, beyond any doubt, that you deserve to be treated with respect.

    Please understand that as long as you tolerate any abuse from anyone, the ‘sickos’ will continue to “put you in your place”. I lived a lifetime allowing people to disrespect me…
    I still fight that issue in my life, but fully understand that allowing anyone to abuse me in anyway makes my life hell…..

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