psychology! Can you relate?

1. If a person laughs too much, even at stupid things,
he is lonely deep inside..
2. If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad..
3. If a person speaks less, but speaks fast, he keeps secrets..
4. If someone can’t cry, he is weak..
5. If someone eats in an abnormal manner, he is tense..
6. If someone cries on little things, he is innocent & soft-hearted..
7. If someone becomes angry over silly or petty (small) things,
it means he needs love…
Try to understand people more.

Do you think this is true??

Time i needed to stop obsessing..

Dear Crush,

its time i need to get over you. the stalking, the 5 minute conversations, the liking stuff on your facebook posts, feeling ignored when you do no respond back immediately and forever checking how many times you’ve posted on Twitter needs to STOP!! its affecting me and depresses me. I feel weird n empty n useless. From this minute onwards, no more obsessing on you. It was fun stalking you, but now my heart needs to accept this relationship, forget relationship..we can’t even have a normal convo lasting more then 10minutes..infact this Friendship is never gonna happen. It was fun getting to know you but I need to focus my energy and thoughts on better things. so Farewell Mr.


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Confession Pages !

Everyday i come check my blog, read you other people’s blogs, but when it comes to writing up a post..i’m blank now a days!!! I have absolutely no idea what to write. Should i write about my life? Should i write about my emotions? Should i wrote about how annoyed and frustrated i am! Its too lame n maybe you guys would laugh at all my reasons or get super bored!! Seriously!! So Anyhoo i finally decided to write about Confession pages!! Something which i was super excited about during March!! A few months back it was “THE” thing. each and every college had one on facebook. People confessing hidden secrets, crushes, their hate n love for one another, appologizing.everything anonymously. Nobody even knew who the Admins of the page were. if you asked me two months back, it was the COOLEST thing ever!!! It was so cool, that in between my final exams..Infact one day before my Bioengineering paper.. i created a Confession page with my friend. You see we both use to study together on Skype – the voice call. The reason for doing that was so that we could focus together and discuss imp stuff of the chapter,, finish studying chapters as soon as possible. BUT Bioengineering was so crap, we didn’t have a syllabus. The proffessor wouldn’t ask anything in his exams from what he taught us. Our seniors told us that he asks general knowledge stuff, we might have to google up stuff. So basically the day before the exam, it was like a free day. we were sitting jobless and useless. Not a bit nervous for the exam. And our college had no confession page. And i had this crazyy idea all of a sudden. my mind went like “LETS MAKE ONE!!”. so after one hour of googling, and finding out how to create one and remain anonymous, finally our page was UP!! 😀 My friend and I we were so excited for it!! i have a “fake account” on facebook [yes, its good to have one at times 😛 maybe il write another blog post about it some other time 😉 ] so through it we sent out invites to almost everyone in our college to like it. And my friend through her own account she did it. We had decided if anyone asked her about hte page “she would just say, No, the admin sent me a msg asking me to send out invites.” 😛 And on our first day we got around 150 likes!!! We were like wow! we felt like we were doing the most awesomest thing ever! We felt like finally we did something BIG!

But really speaking being the Admin of a confession page is fun at times and sometimes it can just a Pain!!! Especially if your that kind of an Admin who doesn’t want to spread wrong rumours, who doesn’t wanna start fights through the page, who doesn’t wanna give out wrong impressions about people..We didn’t want any girl or guy to feel insulted or embarassed through the page. Trust me through this page we learnt a lot about our college students. They could post anonymously made them super rude, the openly described hate for one another, crushes, hate for hte college, we would post them. Especially once, we had posted sumtin negative which sounded really funny to us. After a day, we got a message from the person who it was about, that this post has Ruined his life..and begged us to delete it. We were really feeling horrible, instantly deleted it. Thats when we started being double careful about what we were posting. For the first month, our page was the talk of the college. People loved it. they messaged us to keep it going till forever. Our seniors, thought the page was a good way to reconnect with their old college memories. Infact a week later, we found teachers liking our page! And we thought 2-3 Confessions sounded very professor like! Infact students then started talking about professors leaking out papers, their funny indian accents, who they thought could be dating..the way they teach in classes, whose classes were the best. the ones which were super boring..After reading everyone’s comments and msgs on the page, if we would see them in college, we would recognize them. It was like we literally knew each and every person now. it sucked that we couldn’t go around telling people we are the admins. People were very curious. Every guess of theirs was not even a bit close.
For me and my friend this page was the only interesting thing happening during the exams and it was a good break from the crazy medical studying!! We became very careful so that nobody would get into trouble. We started putting stars in every one names.. eg- if it was dedicated to Sally..we would edit it like this –> S**ly,, most of the times people would guess who the confession was for..and most of the times they just wouldn’t.

Infact other college confession pages were fun to read too. But compared to ours, things were more openly said about people,,many girls and guys were targetted n made fun of openly..sometimes it really sucked..if someone wrote about me stuff like what i read written about them..i wouldn’t be able to go to college the next day!!
I have confessed to a crush on his college confession page..sadly he didn’t believe it. 😥 He thought it was one of his other friends joking around.. I guess thats the smart thing to believe. Well its good he never found out it was me., it would have been embarassing cause he is in my friend list on facebook.. what if he questioned me about it, i really wouldn’t know what to say! 😳

Anyhoo, now confession pages aren’t a big deal anymore..the excitement for it has died down..and people have better things to do in life.. which is a good thing. The more active a confession page is, the more fights and trouble it causes in people’s life i have learnt. And people really hate being topic of gossip. They don’t mind bitching, n hating on other people, but when it comes to them they just can’t take it!! And it takes a second to ruin someone’s image or just break up a  strong relationship. We have tried our best to avoid this among people. After all the aim of our page was aimed at being a fun page. I hope our confession posts never harmed anyone.