alefiyah it is!

so it struck me yesterday, being anonymous is stupid,,,my name's Alefiyah. :-)
now just incase your wondering so what does alefiyah mean??? many people have asked me that question...and sometimes i myself im confused.
in my religion, whenever a new born is born, the moula/priest is asked to name the kid. And he gave me the name Alefiyah. which apparently means ERECT posture. it basically means like how humans have a erect posture compared to animals who stand on four and are bent.makes sense? ( i know ur laufin...i laufed lilke mad when iheard it too..but its true :-p ) u must be thinking WTF!!! why would anyone give such a name to a person??? lol i have no clue... :-p

rather then explaining to people what my name really means, i just tell them i don't know :-p so they sit to tell me wht could possibly b the meaning.
according to the arabs, who can never pronounce my name properly being brought up in the middle east, sometimes they call me ALFIYAH, which means thousand.

the ones who can pronounce my name, tell me it is the first and last letter of the arab alphabets. because "Alif" is the first and "ya" is the last. and well my name is pronounced sumtin like that "Alifya"

well if you google it, google says my name means beautiful. [i luv u google for this :)]

so anyways guys, this is the story behind my name.. i hate it whenever anyone spells it wrong... i have alot of nicknames, people call me Alef, alefi, alfi, aloo,, once upon a time someone use to even call me mafia... -.-

enough of ranting for today.. luv u people for always reading my blog... :-) - xoxo alefiyah

6 thoughts on “alefiyah it is!”

  1. What it’s all about, Ms. Beautiful or miscievouseyez, I like these names better than alfie or mafia 😆 What were those mullahs thinking! Thanks for the nudge….

  2. My daughters name is alefiyah and was curious about its meaning too. Thanks for clarifying. I am happy with all the meanings u suggested.


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