I do…I do!!!

A Shade Of Pen

In the dead of the night

When the world is fast asleep

I try and shut my eyes

but with a pop dey open wide

What is it that  doesn’t let me sleep?

What is it that prevents me from leaping to the land of dreams?

I try and think of a dozen things

But all I see is you my PRINCE.

For too long now I have kept it in my heart

I have been loving you from the very start

Yet I fear I know not why

If u would ever ask “will you be mine!”

Another week of sleepless night

I want to ask you out though it doesn’t sounds right

Everytime you see me you smile and go

I get torn amidst emotions as I die with joy at having seen you

but cry because  that is all you do.

This time I called him…

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