So i have decided to take up this 10 day blog challenge…here’s my day 1 – Ten things you want to say to 10 different people right now. 

1 & 2. Mom & Dad Thanks for always taking care of me. Making me the person who i am today. Never giving up on me through all the tough days. and for Always believing in me and still always pushing me to do my best.

3. Hina Thanks for being the bestest friend ever. For discussing the same yuck things again and again and never getting bugged. For supporting me always even in the most crappiest decisions. For teaching me that problems come and go..instead of crying on them, laugh at them. And also for teaching me to do whatever you want if it makes me happy because YOLO. Im really proud that you have been strong enuff all these past months. all the bullshit you have been facing, im so proud of all the steps you took. For standinup for yourself. you rock girl. Very soon all this will be like a distant dream, inshaallah.

4. Zainab D For being an amazing cousin sister and a bestie. I have literally known you all my life. You are the most sweetest person ever. Thanks for always being there, encouraging me to do things i love the most. Your like my soul sister. Stuck with me for life! 😉

5. Abdul For being the bestest friend ever. I have never met you in these past 5 years but your still a gem of a friend to me. You are kind, smart, funny, patient. Thanks for bearing me these past few crazy months. Ur like my international bestfriend always taking care of me. i cannot imagine life without your messages.

6 & 7.My bro n sis in law – i really miss you guys. Time difference sux. I wish we lived in the same country. All those times while traveling, the bro-bhabi-sis bonding, jokes, masti, arguements..all the happy moments. They were the best days ever. Il always cherish them.

8. Mubaraka Well if you asked me when i was a kid, i would never agreee if someone told me that you both are gonna get v close as ul grow up. Its true..i really never imagined we would always be in touch. I love the fact no matter how busy we both are, or the time difference, we both always bother to drop in a good morning or a goodnight. Your like the elder sister i never had.

9. Zainab A There was a time in life, U were the only friend i had, but it never felt like we had a friendship maybe because we were just stuck together and no1 else would want to talk with us. And then as time passed there were days where we were irritated, annoyed, arguements, discussing tv shows, celebrating birthdays, hina joined the group and it brought all 3 of us a lot closer and we were the besties, secrets, jokes, copying each others assignments, the SB days…lol, ur bugged moments, these last 4 years of uni have been amazing. Im so glad we became besties. 🙂

10. Linda, Congratulations babe! Mother of twins. I have never been more proud of you!!!! GO GIRL! Super MOM!



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