Here’s Day 2 – Nine things about yourself.

1) I literally find everything funny. U’l find me laufin on almost everyting,,sometimes even for no apparent reason, even middle of crying i might burst out laughing. (yes me crazy)
2) im a really quiet person at first impression or especially in group activities.
3) i love CHOCOLATE – Milk or Dark
4) MY PREFRONTAL CORTEX (selfcontrol) gets deactivated the moment a chips packet comes to my sight and YES ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!
5) I love reading novels..Currently reading A Game of Thrones: A song of Ice and Fire.
6) I think the world gets easily impressed by looks and first impressions because every1 is just too judgemental. I try not to be.
7) My favourite colour is Blue,,sometimes Red, Pink and Purple.
8) At times when creativity strikes, i can draw really good henna, i can even really screw up your hand. it depends on your luck.
9) I absolutely love reading quotes. I can literally spend hours and hours reading the different kinds and never end up getting bored.

Thats all about me. Here’s another fellow blogger who is doing the same challenge as me – Read her post here: http://guardianangel112.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/the-ten-day-blog-challenge-day-2/


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