GOT BLOCKED! YAY! #sarcasm

Today i just got blocked by a very random person. A week ago, i mean he followed me on twitter, so i followed back. I usually tend to check out the tweets of the people i follow back, and this guy had all instagram links. And the pictures he clicked were just amazing! like mind blowing awesome. so i followed him on Insta. he followed me back there too. For a week i liked his stuff and he liked my stuff. There was no communication as such other then that. And today out of the blue, randomly im blocked. like WHY? 😦 Its not like i messaged him everyday or irritated him. He could have just hit the UnFollow button if following my account was getting really lame, Why did he feel the need to block me on instagram???? I mean its so weird. I get it if i fought with someone, or a break up, you block me… okay its understandable. But why does a random stranger feel the need to block me???? WHY? 

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