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Pringles Addiction

I realised i finally have achieved self control over my chips addiction.

I had major self control issues especially when it came to spending on junk food or to be more specific CHIPS!!

It used to be so bad, once i bought a packet of chips i wouldn’t put it down until the bag of chips is completely EMPTY!!! no matter what the size of the packet is!!!

I mentioned previously once that i had a major Pringles addiction last year..
I used to eat the big one full tin of Pringles minimum once a week, sometimes thrice or four times a week. Yeaaah until i put on so much weight.
i put on 10kgs easily!! 😦 😦 I have huge fat arms!! they look super ugly!! Thats when i had my wake up call!!!! The Pringles NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!
Initially, it was really difficult, because in the college cafeteria its just kept there in front of me, begging me to eat them. I tried all the possible ways to stop myself from buying a tin of Pringles –  I told my friends if they see me buying junk they need to STOP me immediately and i used to keep reminding myself about my ugly arms and how much more uglier they would become if i din’t get over this chips addiction!!!

I even stopped going to the cafeteria so that i don’t get tempted to buy it!!!

And reminding myself about my ugly arms would work like magic! I would get turned off for buying chips.

And since the last few months, i haven’t touched a single tin of Pringles or for that matter not any other chips!! And i have lost 3-4 kgs due to cutting down on the excessive junk along with some workout videos from youtube!! 🙂