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Childhood Obessions

Recently i got a ‘booboo’ on my finger..(booboo meaning hurt, blister just incase you were wondering). Because im badass i burst the blister,..and then came a horrible pain! If anything touched the sore, water, sum1 else touching it etc it would feel like my finger is burning,,! So to protect it, i had to put a BANDAID! While applying my bandaid i remembered the obsession i had with bandaids as a kid. I use to love collecting them!!!! I would love sticking them on different parts of me.. and i use to have all the sorts of different ones, disney ones, mickey mouse ones, normal ones, the different shapes i had them ALL!!!! it was a mad crazy collection. 😛 Infact i remember that once i had gone for a birthday party we had played some game and everyone got a small gift..i had received a fancy pencil and the girl next to me had received the fancy bandaid…i really exchnged my pencil for that bandaid with her and i was super happy about it… lol yes, mad crazy kiddy days 🙂 What was your kiddy obsession?? Do comment below and tell me all about it.



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– xoxo

Valentines Day Special!

Valentines Day is all over all the social networks, everyday something about V-Day trends on Twitter! Today is Chocolate Day, i have been going around wishing everyone and asking them where is my chocolate?? n most prolly emotionally blackmailing them into giving me one. “You didn’t give me a chocolate, u don’t love me.”  lol 😛

My valentines day have always been boring! The only exciting i did once was apply red nail polish, otherwise it has always just been a normal day!!

Just a few crazy jokes i found –



lol, even if your single this valentines day, SO WHAT? don’t feel lonely,  LOVE YOURSELF! 😉 Enjoy it in your own special way, even if its different. My plan would be to watch a romantic movie in the night, or just another normal day with my regular TV shows.

If your Double, Enjoy your valentines day with your loved one!

– xoxo

Crazy Stupid things I do!!!

i did something totally crazy today! There has been this guy, who i stalk like crazy on twitter! I found him in my cousins followers! He was just a random guy who looked good and edited his photos amazingly at first, but then his tweets were really funny, Plus, then i realised he is A writer!! With every minute i was more and more impressed with him. And i just couldn’t stop stalking!!  (by stalking i mean just going to his profile and reading his tweets or seeing his photos)

Then i started the stalking on Facebook, i read three of his chapters and i was so curious to know the rest, And because of my Major stalking skills, i knew he didn’t post them anywhere else except for on his Facebook. but it has privacy settings and i was too shy to add him. Well because no body adds someone on facebook  and says wow i like ur stories! i wanna read more! Atleast not in our generation unless ur crazy like ME!! so Today after 3 months or something, i did something outside my comfort zone by adding a TOTAL STRANGER on my facebook. I sent him a msg that i read his first three chapters and was super curious about the rest, but i couldn’t find the others anywhere, and whether if he had a blog or not where i could find them(i know he didn’t),

He accepted my friend request, and told me i would find them on his facebook, and that i am welcome to his crazy world!!!

IM SUPER HAPPY ABOUT IT! it made my day! lol i know im pathetically crazy to be happy about such a stupid thing!

Then he tweeted about ME!!!!

he wrote ‘ Got added by some random person on FB all because they wanted to read my stories. Brings a tear to my eye. :’)  –

LOL! when i read this i couldn’t stop Laughing for a whole minute! 😉

I think it was Sarcasm!

But im still wondering, was there even a little bit of hint of true happiness???

What do you think? Leave A reply!!

DP: Flangiprop!

DailyPrompt: Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 


it could be a code for a secret mission, MISSION FLANGIPROP,

OR a food name – Yesterday we ate Flangiprop for dinner!

and then maybe Android, who keep naming their platforms after food like Android JellyBean, IcecreamSandwich, Donut, Cupcake, –  would name its next new latest platform Android Flangiprop! Imagine people saying,

“Hey guess what! I bought a new tablet. Its Android Flangiprop! “

“Flangiprop!  Awesome Dude! “


How would you define Flangiprop as??

– xoxo