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Daily Prompt – Random Post

Daily Prompt – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/daily-prompt-clock/

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

i was sitting at home,in my blue room! Yes, my room is actually blue! When the time had come to paint my room, i went crazy and told my parents to paint it blue, and somehow even the tiles are blue!!

seriously. No joke.

So on the blue wall, there is a silver clock. I was expecting my cousins to come over from Oman any minute!

They were supposed to be stuck at the border for four hours!!! (usually it should take max one hour)

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. Ran outside into the balcony to see if it was them, It wasn’t!! It was my neighbours, leaving to go shopping!

Finally, after an hour, my cousins reached. They said, that they reached the border at 1, a very wrong time, since everyone went for lunch! – when the people came back, they entered my uncle’s occupation wrong, so the system couldn’t recognize it!

So, the whole thing took time to get sorted out!

They stayed at my place for a week. We had a very crazy, fun week of August! Everyday going out, movies, eating at places, showing them around Dubai! We also went to watch the Dark Knight!!! – it had released around that time, In UAE, it released late, because of Ramadan – the month muslims fast, the rumour was that the cinema people didn’t want their popcorn sales to go low! 😛

Just a random post!!! i know!!

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Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.


I should be singing in American or Indian Idol.

Singing Along with Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Enrique etc.

But i don’t.

For the sake of Human race.

For the safety of their ears.


– xoxo

PS – was that stupid?? sorry! next time i’l write something sensible! 😛

DP: All About Me!

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.


Why did i choose My thoughts My life, i think the name says it all. I wanted MY blog to be about MY life, MY opinions, MY thoughts, MY feelings and MY attitude towards things.

Enough with the My’s!

I hope you guys have had fun reading MY posts! –

xoxo –


PS: This is MY 100th post! 😯 😎 :mrgreen:

You know your a BLOGAHOLIC when ,

According to Urban Dictionary (seriously, i love UD!),

BLOGAHOLIC is Someone obsessed with blogging, and because they can’t keep on coming up with topics their blogs seem more like text messages.

Blogaholic: Went Starbucks and got coffee.
Comment: Starbucks eh?

lol, its been only a month and half since i started blogging, I think im becoming a blogaholic. I just had to write up a post on being a blog addict.

1) You know your a blogaholic when, even before brushing your teeth, the FIRST thing you do in the morning is check your blog notificatons from your phone!

2) You know your a blogaholic when, your suppose to be studying or working but instead your thinking what should i write about next.

3) You know your a blogaholic when, you spend half the day reading, liking and commenting on other people’s blog posts and feel time has not been wasted at all.

4) You know your a blogaholic when, all you can breathe,eat,sleep and drink is about blogging.

5) You know your a blogaholic when, when your late for dinner, because you were too busy reading blogs.

6) You know your a blogaholic when, your so into the blogging world, that you lose track of the real world and have no clue whats happening around you.

7) You know your a blogaholic when, your nominated for a blog award you feel like you received the OSCARS!!

8) You know your a blogaholic when, you love reading SPAM comments. and reply sarcastically to them in your mind.

9) You know your a blogaholic when, atleast one of your friends have told you to SHUTUP about how cool your blog is!

10) You know your a blogaholic when, you step out of the house, and see a cat, your first thought is “Omg! i need a picture of that cat. My followers are going to love it.”

11) You know your a blogaholic when, your aim in life is to Gain more FOLLOWERS!

12) You know your a blogaholic when, you comment on someones post, and hope the other bloggers who read, bother checking out your blog too.

13) You know your a blogaholic when, your oBSESSED with your STATS!

14) You know your a blogaholic when, the only party you’ve attended since weeks is a fellow blogger’s BLOG PARTY!! & you enjoyed it!

15) You know your a blogaholic when, the blog challenges are the biggest challenges in your life ever!

16) You know your a blogaholic when, the DAILY POST is your temple.

lol, thats all i could think of!  Here are thoughts from other bloggers,

17) You know your a blogaholic when,  a friend asks you a question and you race to write it down because “That would make a great blog post!” (by rarasaur)

18) You know you’re a blogaholic when, you lie awake at night, plotting your next blog. 😉 (by 68ghia)

19) You know you’re a blogaholic when, your husband turns the lights off (time to sleep), while your still on your computer blogging. 🙂 [byYen-Yen’s_Passions 🙂]

20) You know your a Blogaholic when, you feel more connected to your stranger blogging buddies, rather then your real life facebook friends! (by the Prodigal Daughter)

Feel free to add up your own “You know your a blogaholic when,” thoughts to the list through the comment box, i shall add it into this post!! 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading – xoxo

Stop Child Abuse!

i just wrote this post today, and the daily prompt prompted about childhood. So felt like linking this post!


I found this video through facebook, It brought tears to my eyes. I know its in Hindi, and maybe you guys won’t understand it, But do watch it!

il tell u the meanings of the important words, the family is playing Dumb Charades, im assuming everyone knows that game, where through your actions you make the other person guess which movie your talking about.

So basically, The child is trying to tell his parents something.

Chacha – Uncle/ Father’s brother, Mere – mine, Kapde – clothes, Nikal -remove

The child was telling his parents that – Uncle was removing my clothes. And then he breaks down crying!

Child Abuse is the worse thing ever that can happen to any child. It can be done by a stranger, or even by your family relative and even by your own brother. yes. There are some sick bastard minds in this world. It is pretty creepy. I know so many of my friends who have at once in their life been abused by some stranger or relative.

The worse part about being abused by a family relative is your not sure whether you should tell your parents about it or not. All these thoughts go through your mind, will they believe you? What if they don’t?

Sometimes the parents just don’t believe it or are in denial that my brother can never do something like this to my child. Or they feel the child is making up stories.

Sometimes the relative can even go to the extent of blackmailing the child, that if you don’t do this il harm your parents. So the child does it quietly and suffers through it alone. He’s a child he wouldn’t want his parents to be in danger.

It has happened to me by a stranger. i haven’t been raped. Just been touched in the wrong places. i was dumbstruck. what is happening to me. he touched me and went away. I didn’t know how to react. I was in the 6th grade and was totally freaking out!I did tell my parents. I was terrorized, I was so scared of stepping outside the house. Even to go to a neighbour’s house in the next building would take my parents a lot of convincing.They would have to literally prepare me and i would take 1hour convincing myself nothing will happen. No one is going to come after you.
My mom told me if anyone comes after you again, SCREAM, yell, hit that person with whatever you have in your hand, run away from there.

And tht man being a jerk did come after me again after a month. He even marked my school bus timings, one day while coming back, he followed me into the building, and came towards me told me “hi how are you” and brought his hand forward to do something, before he could touch me anywhere, i just YELLED and sreamed at the top of my lungs! so that the nearest neighbour would open the door to check what is happening outside. And this man freaked out, and ran away. I never saw his face again!

Guys please, explain this to your kids. Please listen to their silence. Protect them. If they are trying to tell you something, hear them out. Sometimes its difficult for a child to talk to his parents about things. Do not keep your relationship like that. Make your child your bestfriend such that he/she is able to come and tell you anything like this in life. Explain to your children, that if anyone comes and does something like this to you, he should tell you immediately. Make your daughter keep pepper spray with her (i personally believe that is a very good idea). Don’t allow your child to suffer through this alone. This world is filled with all types of sick people.  We need to protect our younger ones.

Thankyou for Reading!! – xoxo