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Time i needed to stop obsessing..

Dear Crush,

its time i need to get over you. the stalking, the 5 minute conversations, the liking stuff on your facebook posts, feeling ignored when you do no respond back immediately and forever checking how many times you’ve posted on Twitter needs to STOP!! its affecting me and depresses me. I feel weird n empty n useless. From this minute onwards, no more obsessing on you. It was fun stalking you, but now my heart needs to accept this relationship, forget relationship..we can’t even have a normal convo lasting more then 10minutes..infact this Friendship is never gonna happen. It was fun getting to know you but I need to focus my energy and thoughts on better things. so Farewell Mr.


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Whenever i feel depressed about my love life, i just google up the forever alone trolls and laugh like crazy! I love these forever Alone trolls! they are EPIC!


Just incase ur confused about this one –  its about the Ramadan fasts, after breaking the fast, we eat a date 😛




lol hope you had fun reading them! Do tell me which one you liked the best! – xoxo