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This post is about the two parties i attended in the last two weeks!! i had gone for a friend’s Dholki party!


Last to last Friday, i had gone for one of my Pakistani friend’s Dholki. A dholki is a party – one of the wedding functions in a Pakistani wedding. A party where there is a dhol (see above picture – it is a double sided drum, which can be played with sticks or just your hands but sometimes people use spoons too, lol  ) and a lot of singing while someone plays the dhol, dancing & ofcourse awesome tasty food 🙂 And its mostly a ladies function, where women apply mehndi too along with all that. We all girls sang different popular indian, pakistani songs. and none of us were awesome at playing the dhol, except for the bride, so she was playing the dhol in her own function, lol 😉 it was fun!! I’m not that great at dancing, i go on the dance floor, and i’l be like ok what am i suppose to do now? but group dancing is always fun!! and i didn’t manage to make a fool of myself 🙂

Last week i also went for my college farewell party. It was awesome fun and emotional a bit, but none of us really cried!!! I guess we all are too tensed about the upcoming Major exams!! most prolly the crying farewell will happen once the exams are done in March!! Our juniors did  an amazing job in organizing it!! Below are two photos, just random pictures of my nails and bangles i wore for it.


Total Randomness!! i edited them a bit, and i felt like uploading it, so i did! – xoxo