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DP: Flangiprop!

DailyPrompt: Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 


it could be a code for a secret mission, MISSION FLANGIPROP,

OR a food name – Yesterday we ate Flangiprop for dinner!

and then maybe Android, who keep naming their platforms after food like Android JellyBean, IcecreamSandwich, Donut, Cupcake, –  would name its next new latest platform Android Flangiprop! Imagine people saying,

“Hey guess what! I bought a new tablet. Its Android Flangiprop! “

“Flangiprop!  Awesome Dude! “


How would you define Flangiprop as??

– xoxo


Global Village – Saw the world in 4 hours ;-)

Last night, we took my cousin to Global Village. It is this major tourist attraction place, where different countries ( China, Greece, India, Yemen, Austria, Phillipines, Morocco, Spain, Pakistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Thailand, KSA, Africa, Vietnam, UAE, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Jordan, and many more)  from all over the world have set up their pavilions and they sell and display the stuff for which their country is most famous for. It is really an amazing place to visit. You learn a lot about different people, their culture, clothes, food and their styles.

My cousin and I freaked out on the food!!!!

We had Baraf Golas there from the Pakistan pavillion!Baraf golas are basically crushed ice balls, soaked in different syrups. Syrups with a variety of colours and flavours sprinkled all over it! It is appealing and mouth watering to all age groups!


We had asked the Pakistani bhaiyya to put rose and lemon syrup on the ice! it was simply delicious!!

We also bought waffles, they were called ‘Holland waffles’ and we asked the cute Dutch guy with amazing grey eyes (Seriously, we both were in love with him 😛 ) to put maple syrup, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.


The waffles were heaven!!

Apart from these two, we also ate caramel popcorn, Kulfi icecream, potato sticks, tasted different types of honey from the Yemen pavilion and ate yummy Shawarma’s for dinner. And we broke records by seeing the whole world in 4 hours 😉 lol

We also saw this lady who was making beautiful rugs, with her two hands on a hand-loom. She even showed us how to do it. It was amazing to see how fast she was making it. Normal people like us would take months or years to make this!!

In the second photo, she was showing me how to make the knots, thats why  the 4 hands!! 😉

ImageImage Hope you enjoyed the post and viewing the photos 🙂 – Till my next post, Takecare – xoxo

Pringles Addiction

I realised i finally have achieved self control over my chips addiction.

I had major self control issues especially when it came to spending on junk food or to be more specific CHIPS!!

It used to be so bad, once i bought a packet of chips i wouldn’t put it down until the bag of chips is completely EMPTY!!! no matter what the size of the packet is!!!

I mentioned previously once that i had a major Pringles addiction last year..
I used to eat the big one full tin of Pringles minimum once a week, sometimes thrice or four times a week. Yeaaah until i put on so much weight.
i put on 10kgs easily!! 😦 😦 I have huge fat arms!! they look super ugly!! Thats when i had my wake up call!!!! The Pringles NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!
Initially, it was really difficult, because in the college cafeteria its just kept there in front of me, begging me to eat them. I tried all the possible ways to stop myself from buying a tin of Pringles –  I told my friends if they see me buying junk they need to STOP me immediately and i used to keep reminding myself about my ugly arms and how much more uglier they would become if i din’t get over this chips addiction!!!

I even stopped going to the cafeteria so that i don’t get tempted to buy it!!!

And reminding myself about my ugly arms would work like magic! I would get turned off for buying chips.

And since the last few months, i haven’t touched a single tin of Pringles or for that matter not any other chips!! And i have lost 3-4 kgs due to cutting down on the excessive junk along with some workout videos from youtube!! 🙂