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My Facebook Romeos ;)

so when random people send you facebook friend requests, fail english, stalkerism, real people or not? none of it matters,,,only “love and frandship!!”

Conversation started 6 December 2012
06/12/2012 19:41

Nice Name… May I know the meaning of your name????

Conversation started 26 December 2012
26/12/2012 19:16

Hi how are you? Wanna be friends? if yes thn do reply

Conversation started 12 April 2012
12/04/2012 23:02

I usually don’t go through
other’s profiles, but ur profile
caught my eye.
U seem to be an interesting person
I want 2 be friends
with u, but I avoided sending u a
direct request coz I don’t want u too be irritated.
So, if its ok with
U, can we be friends ?

Conversation started 29 March 2012
Syed Ghous
29/03/2012 14:31

hie there
how u doing??
we barely know each other but… PlzZz doN’T mind i mean janab ur soOo sweet
nice display picture
Please don’t examine any wrong meaning of my communication.

Conversation started 12 January 2011
Abdul Qadir
12/01/2011 18:27

hi, this is abdulqadir from salumber (rajasthan) looking for cultured dawoodi bohra girl i saw ur profile on dawoodi bohra singles if any further details add me on facebook or email : abdulqadir****@yahoo.com
mobile:+91969480****. thnx alot

Conversation started 14 December 2011
14/12/2011 11:42

hiiiii I saw ur like channel v india nd i dnt y i feel
like talking to u t8 y snding this msg just wnt be ur
frnd if u dnt jst rpy me iam snding this msg only u i
dnt knw wht special in u so
plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzpl rpyyyyyy
plzzzzzzzzzzzz nd i knw ur online right now plzzz rpyy
Trust me plzzz nd rpy wht whtever ur rpyz is i ll w8
plzzz dnt make me w8 plzzzzzzzzzz
Plz Plz
Plz Pla
Plz Plz
Plz Plz plz
if u dnt mind can i snd u frnd req i knw iam stanger
but trust me i promiss i ll nt break ur trust if break ur
trust than del me I ll nt like ur pic ni wallpost no commment i just talk u

Conversation started 18 November 2010
18/11/2010 21:57

hi how r u can we be frz what u do reply

Conversation started 16 October 2010
محمد عويس
16/10/2010 18:32

hi Alefiyah how are u ……! hope u fi9 ….wanna friendship with me …..bcoz i need to some talk imporaent with u

Conversation started 24 September 2010
24/09/2010 13:57

hii..will u be my frnd here..pls accept me in ur list

Conversation started 15 September 2010
Muhämmäd H
15/09/2010 16:01

How Are You ? Where you From ?
well nice Pix
take care

Conversation started 17 April 2010
Facebook User
17/04/2010 19:04

I’m Richard b ,it nice to see you on fb.
i saw your picture (u re pretty smashing lady) and I’ll Like to know more about you, because I’m new here and i’m looking for a good friend,lover and good relationship too. and also like to read from u soon
And if u care to talk to me u can send me a mail on yahoo mail and here is my id.. Richard2biluv@yahoo.com …
You have a lovely day.bye
Richard !!!!

Conversation started 4 March 2010
Jaanu Koolflameboy
04/03/2010 09:50

hi how are u … whts ur yahoo id to cht with u ?

Conversation started 2 March 2010
02/03/2010 08:25

would u be my frnd
hey alefiyah I was new to the facebook, so I need a friend …. much to increase my knowledge

i found this amazing website scoopwhoop.com, they are incredibly hilarious! they had done a post on “50 incredibly creepy messages from Facebook Romeos” which (made me realise i could make my own blog post on the same topic) you could read here —-> http://www.scoopwhoop.com/story.aspx?menuid=2&contentid=45#sthash.COg0LX1L.RzgYf6UN.dpbs ,, do not skip it..its epic!!!


You know your a BLOGAHOLIC when ,

According to Urban Dictionary (seriously, i love UD!),

BLOGAHOLIC is Someone obsessed with blogging, and because they can’t keep on coming up with topics their blogs seem more like text messages.

Blogaholic: Went Starbucks and got coffee.
Comment: Starbucks eh?

lol, its been only a month and half since i started blogging, I think im becoming a blogaholic. I just had to write up a post on being a blog addict.

1) You know your a blogaholic when, even before brushing your teeth, the FIRST thing you do in the morning is check your blog notificatons from your phone!

2) You know your a blogaholic when, your suppose to be studying or working but instead your thinking what should i write about next.

3) You know your a blogaholic when, you spend half the day reading, liking and commenting on other people’s blog posts and feel time has not been wasted at all.

4) You know your a blogaholic when, all you can breathe,eat,sleep and drink is about blogging.

5) You know your a blogaholic when, when your late for dinner, because you were too busy reading blogs.

6) You know your a blogaholic when, your so into the blogging world, that you lose track of the real world and have no clue whats happening around you.

7) You know your a blogaholic when, your nominated for a blog award you feel like you received the OSCARS!!

8) You know your a blogaholic when, you love reading SPAM comments. and reply sarcastically to them in your mind.

9) You know your a blogaholic when, atleast one of your friends have told you to SHUTUP about how cool your blog is!

10) You know your a blogaholic when, you step out of the house, and see a cat, your first thought is “Omg! i need a picture of that cat. My followers are going to love it.”

11) You know your a blogaholic when, your aim in life is to Gain more FOLLOWERS!

12) You know your a blogaholic when, you comment on someones post, and hope the other bloggers who read, bother checking out your blog too.

13) You know your a blogaholic when, your oBSESSED with your STATS!

14) You know your a blogaholic when, the only party you’ve attended since weeks is a fellow blogger’s BLOG PARTY!! & you enjoyed it!

15) You know your a blogaholic when, the blog challenges are the biggest challenges in your life ever!

16) You know your a blogaholic when, the DAILY POST is your temple.

lol, thats all i could think of!  Here are thoughts from other bloggers,

17) You know your a blogaholic when,  a friend asks you a question and you race to write it down because “That would make a great blog post!” (by rarasaur)

18) You know you’re a blogaholic when, you lie awake at night, plotting your next blog. 😉 (by 68ghia)

19) You know you’re a blogaholic when, your husband turns the lights off (time to sleep), while your still on your computer blogging. 🙂 [byYen-Yen’s_Passions 🙂]

20) You know your a Blogaholic when, you feel more connected to your stranger blogging buddies, rather then your real life facebook friends! (by the Prodigal Daughter)

Feel free to add up your own “You know your a blogaholic when,” thoughts to the list through the comment box, i shall add it into this post!! 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading – xoxo