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Sitting is KILLING you!

Sitting is KILLING you!

NOTE: According to Research, Sitting in the 135* position is the best biomechanical position for the  back, it relaxes the back muscles completely, BUT it is a horrible position for the Neck!!  Sit straight with your lower back supported with a pillow, don’t slouch forward!

Read about Laptop Thigh here – https://mischievouseyez.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/laptop-thigh-or-toasted-skin-syndrome/

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Exams Syndrome!!

PS: I found this joke through facebook- had to share it here!!

The Day before: Hysteria

In morning: Anxiety and Irritability

During Writing: Amnesia

In clinical Exam: Hallucination

In Oral Exam: Mental Retardation (lol this is so ME during viva)

After Exams Results: Severe Depression Followed By prolonged Coma!


– I cannot believe last night i was so tired, in the evening after prayer time i slept for a short NAP  at around 7pm and i woke up today morning at 4am!! lol im so screwd! Gotta start studying for the next paper!

Enjoy the rest of ur day/ GoodNight if your getting ready to turn in!

tcz – xoxo