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Why am i so stupid?

Whenever you come back into my life, every time i wish now you must have changed.But your still the same. It sucks that i use to consider you the most awesomest person on this planet, But to you i was always just another useless peice of shit. it sucks that whenever you come back into my life, every time those feelings come back too. Why do you pretend to be innocent and strike a conversation, when really you just have other thoughts in your head? Rich guys are rich. But why do you not give a damn about a girls feelings. The stuff they show in movies, the rich guy falls for the simple girl, and its true love. Its all BULLSHIT. It sucks that all you care is about appearances.You don’t like the clothes i wear. Thats the barrier between us. You don’t know how much u hurt me when you said “because of your clothes.” It shows your mentality. It sucks that you want to call this a special  friendship,But to the world you want to show you don’t know me. I know you only just want to play around. It sucks that im stupid enough to fall for ur shit everytime your back in my life. Have you thought that the way you treat me, what if some dude treated your sister like that?? Or is the problem me? Why am i stupid enough to think i could change you into a better person? I should have just ignored you from the first day you messaged me. It sucks that despite the way you treat me like shit, i still believe there is some good in u. And someday u will change.



The party is still on for Saturday. 😀  I found all these photos from Google, so wanted to share them –

I  just have to say if you think your handwriting sucks or is the worst, and if your shy to send it in, i would say that doesn’t matter!!!

I believe your handwriting is your OWN PERSONAL UnIQUE FONT!! 😉

And the more messy it is, the more fun the party will be 😛

i hope this makes sense!

I really hope you all do take part, i would love it!!

To know how to take part, follow the link to the original Blog Party post here:


Here are some Jokes, i found on google, –

lol A Dr’s handwriting ONLY a pharmacist can read!!!

I’m waiting for your emails – xoxo

Crazy Stupid things I do!!!

i did something totally crazy today! There has been this guy, who i stalk like crazy on twitter! I found him in my cousins followers! He was just a random guy who looked good and edited his photos amazingly at first, but then his tweets were really funny, Plus, then i realised he is A writer!! With every minute i was more and more impressed with him. And i just couldn’t stop stalking!!  (by stalking i mean just going to his profile and reading his tweets or seeing his photos)

Then i started the stalking on Facebook, i read three of his chapters and i was so curious to know the rest, And because of my Major stalking skills, i knew he didn’t post them anywhere else except for on his Facebook. but it has privacy settings and i was too shy to add him. Well because no body adds someone on facebook  and says wow i like ur stories! i wanna read more! Atleast not in our generation unless ur crazy like ME!! so Today after 3 months or something, i did something outside my comfort zone by adding a TOTAL STRANGER on my facebook. I sent him a msg that i read his first three chapters and was super curious about the rest, but i couldn’t find the others anywhere, and whether if he had a blog or not where i could find them(i know he didn’t),

He accepted my friend request, and told me i would find them on his facebook, and that i am welcome to his crazy world!!!

IM SUPER HAPPY ABOUT IT! it made my day! lol i know im pathetically crazy to be happy about such a stupid thing!

Then he tweeted about ME!!!!

he wrote ‘ Got added by some random person on FB all because they wanted to read my stories. Brings a tear to my eye. :’)  –

LOL! when i read this i couldn’t stop Laughing for a whole minute! 😉

I think it was Sarcasm!

But im still wondering, was there even a little bit of hint of true happiness???

What do you think? Leave A reply!!

DP: My Phone My Baby!

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

It is my Lifeline!

My Phone is MY BABY!!! 😀

I would die without it!

Seriously! I sleep with it under my pillow – my mom keeps gets so annoyed with that 😛 – I check it the first thing i wake up with in the morning!

Sometimes i even take it in the washroom with me!

lol Yes im crazy like that!

I Found this picture somewhere, it totally relates to me –

I love my phone!

Its also My Music Player, my Calender,

And yes it has even saved me through Awkward situations – Where i do pretend like i’m texting someone   😛

I have never considered my phone a nuisance, i’m a chatty person and i love texting and talking to people.

And infact if i don’t want to talk to people at times – I just don’t answer or silent it!

How important is your phone to you? Do leave a reply!

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