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hey people out there, I’m hosting a BLOG PARTY AND YOUR INVITED!!!

DATE: 16th Feb, 2013, Saturday. (the whole day)

A blog party is basically a virtual party. It is a post where the participants submit links to the host & the host shares them with everyone else. So, technically a “link sharing” party It gets you more viewers and you may also find new people/ blogs/ posts which could change your life. 😛

THEME: Handwriting.

i want to do a post on Handwriting!

Through Word press we read each other’s posts. We have a super neat font and size!

But what if we had to write it in our own original hand writings?? 

I’m actually curious to see what everyone’s handwriting looks like in real.

What do you think ???  It would be great if you were part of the party too.

To take part, here are the RULES
1. Write down one or two lines, from any blog post of yours.

2. Click a picture of your handwriting.

3. Email the picture to me along with the link to the post (from which you chose to write 2 lines) on quotesyou@hotmail.com with the Subject BLOG PARTY.

4. Reblog this post to spread the party news. Anyone is welcome to  be a part. 🙂

So, the post would contain, a picture of your handwriting and the link to your blog post.

I will publish the post on 16th February.

Send in your pictures and links before the 15 February ends.

Thanks guys!

– xoxo

ps: Leave a reply and let me know what you thought!