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Now there is only ONE rule, all of you have to REBLOG this party post!!! 

Now since the post is on handwriting, I would say PUT ON YOUR BEST GLASSES/SPECTACLES/Contact LENSES 😉

Which party doesn’t have music in it????? Here is a song (which i totally love, the video is funny, love Redfoo and Skyblu, yes even their names are funny 😛 )  called the “Party Rock Anthem” from the band LMFAODANCE to it a little or maybe while reading the  post you could hear the song as well. :mrgreen:

The theme is handwriting, and basically everyone has written 2 – 3 lines from any blog post of theirs, you can see the photo of their handwriting, along with a link to their post/blog below the photograph, so you can read the whole post!! And trust me people, they are some really good, thoughtful, funny posts!! 😀

I arranged them in the order in which I received the emails, I must say, its awesome to be reading your real fonts!!! Thanks for sharing it with me. 🙂 All your hand writings are decent. I believe, everyone has their own natural font, with their own unique style. Imagine how boring it would be if we all had the same neat handwriting!!! 

So, Good or Bad, I haven’t really gone into details of commenting on what I thought about each one’s handwriting, because that’s not ME,, (I would die of guilt in case i wrote something wrong and if someone felt bad). And I really appreciate all you guys sending in your photos.

First, is Zainab’s writing aka Guardian Angel, from her post COMING UP: VALENTINES DAY, with her thoughts on love,

2013-02-12 14.51.43

I thought it was a deep thoughtful post. Read the whole post here – http://guardianangel112.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/coming-up-valentines-day/

Second is Priscilla’s who wrote a few lines, she blogs about every topic, can’t wait to read the post you’re talking about, Publish it soon!


She writes poems too. Check out her blog here – http://prisailurophileblog.wordpress.com/

Here is the Prodigal Daughter’s handwriting, from her post on HOW TO BE SAVED,

photo (1)

Its a highly motivational post,. Read the full post here- http://iprodigaldaughter.wordpress.com/how-to-be-saved/

Here is the handwriting of Brittany aka Fairy tale epidemic, from her awesome poem on SPEAK LOW, IF YOU SPEAK LOVE,


Read the full poem here – http://fairytaleepidemic.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/326-speak-low-if-you-speak-love/

Here, is Anthony’s aka I spider, who is also an AWESOME author,


Check out his blog here – http://ispiderbook.wordpress.com/

Next is the creative Sheila’s handwriting aka LaCartera from the post SELECT A PURSE FOR THE MARCH GIVE AWAY!  Follow her, Vote for a bag, and u might get lucky! 😉


Vote for the bag here – http://lcartera.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/select-a-purse-for-the-march-giveaway/

Here is Sophie’s aka Saved in Drafts, handwriting from the post THE TIME I GOT BIEBER FEVER, I think she’s the only non-teen Belieber who openly admits it!!

photo (1)

its really funny, read the whole post here – http://savedindrafts.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/the-time-i-got-bieber-fever-2/

Here is the seeker aka Perpetua’s handwriting from the post ONE LOVE ONE HEART, for Valentine’s Day.,

blog party

Love her thoughts on it and the Bob Marley song. Read the whole post here – http://theseeker57.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/one-love-one-heart/

Here is Michael aka The Cutter Rambles handwriting from the post PINCH ME,

michael BIG!

I loved the sarcasm in it. U have to read this post, video to word to understand it., – http://thecutterrambles.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/pinch-me/

Here is Ivan’s piece, you know him through his blog –  Ivan’s brain -, he chose a quote from his post, I Take On A Writing Challenge,

Snapshot 47

Its pretty creative, Read the rest of his post here – http://ivansbrain.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/i-take-on-a-writing-challenge-from-the-daily-post/

Here is Dan’s aka DMGART’s handwriting piece, from the post RECOLLECTION OF LOVE AND HATE, He has some amazing Art and Pictures,


U can read the whole post here – http://dmgartphoto.com/2013/01/19/recollection-of-love-and-hate/

Next is Papi Zilla’s handwriting, aka the ranting Papizilla, from the post on BOOK REVIEWS PLUS, I like his blog and how systematically he has organized everything under each menu,


Read the post here – http://therantingpapizilla.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/book-reviews-plus/

Here is, Sahm King’s handwriting, aka Arkside of Thought, from his post, THAT KIND OF B****,


I think its a great poem, Read the whole poem here – http://sahmataineking.com/2013/02/09/that-kind-of-b/#more-5124

And the last photo, MY handwriting from the post YOU KNOW YOU’RE A BLOGAHOLIC WHEN,


Read the whole post here – https://mischievouseyez.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/you-know-your-a-blogaholic-when/

That’s it. Its all because of you guys, this Party ROCKS!! 😀

I’m so happy at the response I got for this party. I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU to every one of you, my blogging friends, for making this happen 🙂 I initially had this fear that nobody would respond, But as you can see so many people replied. Thank you guys so much once again!!!  Don’t forget to reblog this. The party goes on the whole day till midnight. 😉

So, PARTY HARD! Check out all the people’s posts. Enjoy all the blog Love u guys receive throughout the day!! 😀

Hope you guys had fun!!

– xoxo, MischievousEyez

PS: Do leave a reply with all your amazing lovely thoughts. Whose did you think was the best handwriting or the worst?? 😛 I hope you guys liked the title. 😉




😳 😯 i keep coming and checking my blog notifications every 5-10minutes. This is just a reminder to myself, if i’m wasting time on WP again!
ps: aren’t they all HOT! 😉 – xoxo

You know your a BLOGAHOLIC when ,

According to Urban Dictionary (seriously, i love UD!),

BLOGAHOLIC is Someone obsessed with blogging, and because they can’t keep on coming up with topics their blogs seem more like text messages.

Blogaholic: Went Starbucks and got coffee.
Comment: Starbucks eh?

lol, its been only a month and half since i started blogging, I think im becoming a blogaholic. I just had to write up a post on being a blog addict.

1) You know your a blogaholic when, even before brushing your teeth, the FIRST thing you do in the morning is check your blog notificatons from your phone!

2) You know your a blogaholic when, your suppose to be studying or working but instead your thinking what should i write about next.

3) You know your a blogaholic when, you spend half the day reading, liking and commenting on other people’s blog posts and feel time has not been wasted at all.

4) You know your a blogaholic when, all you can breathe,eat,sleep and drink is about blogging.

5) You know your a blogaholic when, when your late for dinner, because you were too busy reading blogs.

6) You know your a blogaholic when, your so into the blogging world, that you lose track of the real world and have no clue whats happening around you.

7) You know your a blogaholic when, your nominated for a blog award you feel like you received the OSCARS!!

8) You know your a blogaholic when, you love reading SPAM comments. and reply sarcastically to them in your mind.

9) You know your a blogaholic when, atleast one of your friends have told you to SHUTUP about how cool your blog is!

10) You know your a blogaholic when, you step out of the house, and see a cat, your first thought is “Omg! i need a picture of that cat. My followers are going to love it.”

11) You know your a blogaholic when, your aim in life is to Gain more FOLLOWERS!

12) You know your a blogaholic when, you comment on someones post, and hope the other bloggers who read, bother checking out your blog too.

13) You know your a blogaholic when, your oBSESSED with your STATS!

14) You know your a blogaholic when, the only party you’ve attended since weeks is a fellow blogger’s BLOG PARTY!! & you enjoyed it!

15) You know your a blogaholic when, the blog challenges are the biggest challenges in your life ever!

16) You know your a blogaholic when, the DAILY POST is your temple.

lol, thats all i could think of!  Here are thoughts from other bloggers,

17) You know your a blogaholic when,  a friend asks you a question and you race to write it down because “That would make a great blog post!” (by rarasaur)

18) You know you’re a blogaholic when, you lie awake at night, plotting your next blog. 😉 (by 68ghia)

19) You know you’re a blogaholic when, your husband turns the lights off (time to sleep), while your still on your computer blogging. 🙂 [byYen-Yen’s_Passions 🙂]

20) You know your a Blogaholic when, you feel more connected to your stranger blogging buddies, rather then your real life facebook friends! (by the Prodigal Daughter)

Feel free to add up your own “You know your a blogaholic when,” thoughts to the list through the comment box, i shall add it into this post!! 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading – xoxo

Exams Syndrome!!

PS: I found this joke through facebook- had to share it here!!

The Day before: Hysteria

In morning: Anxiety and Irritability

During Writing: Amnesia

In clinical Exam: Hallucination

In Oral Exam: Mental Retardation (lol this is so ME during viva)

After Exams Results: Severe Depression Followed By prolonged Coma!


– I cannot believe last night i was so tired, in the evening after prayer time i slept for a short NAP  at around 7pm and i woke up today morning at 4am!! lol im so screwd! Gotta start studying for the next paper!

Enjoy the rest of ur day/ GoodNight if your getting ready to turn in!

tcz – xoxo

Exam Time Officially Begins!!

Exam Time Officially Begins!!


This is me literally all over my laptop and notes – trying to cram every possible thing into my head!!!

Firstly today the clouds decided, its time to RAIN! And with such an awesome weather,

the universe expects me to study for an EXAM TOMORROW!

This is UNFAIR! 😦

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm officially the exams BEGIN!

Long sleepless, filled with coffee, crazy nights are in due! Wish me luck guys!


RATTA MAAR – is basically Hindi for Mugging up stuff!! –

This is an awesome hindi song – Ratta Maar from the movie Student of the year! One of my favourite songs –

Makes me laugh an motivates me to study as well!! 😉

i found the translation online, so felt like it posting it , –

Pressure cooker jaisey sir ki baj jaye na seeti, tab tak maar
Ratta maar, ratta maar..
Hooo.. patak patak ke sar girade knowledge ki deewar
Ratta maar, ratta maar..

Until or unless your mind does not whistle like a preessure cooker, mug up
Mug up, mug up..
Make the wall of knowledge fall by banging your head again and again..
Mug up, mug up..

Chadhh jaye jo bukhaar, coffee se too utaar
Ghis ghis ke bhejaa kar ley tez dhar yaar
Ratta maar..

If you get fever, drink coffee to get rid of that
Make your brain sharp by rubbing it, my friend
Mug up..

Bhool ja everest, chadhh jaa too kitabo ke pahaad, sau baar
Ratta maar, zaraa zore se..
Tak-pak tak-pak brain ko daudaa, usko chaabuk maar, hoo maar
Ratta maar, zaraa zore se..
Dar ke milegaa kya, lega kya too ukhaad
Gatak ke pee ja tonic jeet kaa yaar
Ratta maar..

Forget the everest, Climb the mountains of books hundreds of times
Mug up by speaking it aloud
Make your brain run faster, hit it with lash, hit it
Mug up by speaking it aloud
What will you get by frightening, what will you get out of it
Swallow the tonic of victory, my friend
Mug up..

At the end of the day, uper tere, latki hai performance ki talwar
Aesi dariyaa hai yeh
Remember karle, jo doobe wahi hota hai paar
Jo bhi aaye yaha pe, usko chance ek milti hai
Har najar ki yaha pe socho, ek manjil hi hai
Mauka miley to khonaa nahi, ki aayega na ye baar baar
Dhakkaa maar zaraa zore se
Dhakkaa maar zaraa tezz se
Dhakkaa maar, dhakkaa maar..

At the end of the day, the sword of performance is hung above you
This is such a river
Remember this, the one to drown will survive
Whoever comes here, gets a single chance
Think, every sight here has just a single destination
If you get a chance, don’t lose it, it won’t come again and again
Push it hard..
Push a bit fast
Push it, push it.

Hoo maar ley rattaa, hojaa 100 percent tayyaar
Na chod kasar too koi
Chal maar le bazi maar
Hai ek hi solution teri mushkil ka yaar

Mug up and be ready for hundred percent marks
Don’t leave any mistake
Come and win this time
There is just one solution for your problem..

Ratta maar..
Com’on com’on..