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Exam Time Officially Begins!!

Exam Time Officially Begins!!


This is me literally all over my laptop and notes – trying to cram every possible thing into my head!!!

Firstly today the clouds decided, its time to RAIN! And with such an awesome weather,

the universe expects me to study for an EXAM TOMORROW!

This is UNFAIR! 😦

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm officially the exams BEGIN!

Long sleepless, filled with coffee, crazy nights are in due! Wish me luck guys!


RATTA MAAR – is basically Hindi for Mugging up stuff!! –

This is an awesome hindi song – Ratta Maar from the movie Student of the year! One of my favourite songs –

Makes me laugh an motivates me to study as well!! 😉

i found the translation online, so felt like it posting it , –

Pressure cooker jaisey sir ki baj jaye na seeti, tab tak maar
Ratta maar, ratta maar..
Hooo.. patak patak ke sar girade knowledge ki deewar
Ratta maar, ratta maar..

Until or unless your mind does not whistle like a preessure cooker, mug up
Mug up, mug up..
Make the wall of knowledge fall by banging your head again and again..
Mug up, mug up..

Chadhh jaye jo bukhaar, coffee se too utaar
Ghis ghis ke bhejaa kar ley tez dhar yaar
Ratta maar..

If you get fever, drink coffee to get rid of that
Make your brain sharp by rubbing it, my friend
Mug up..

Bhool ja everest, chadhh jaa too kitabo ke pahaad, sau baar
Ratta maar, zaraa zore se..
Tak-pak tak-pak brain ko daudaa, usko chaabuk maar, hoo maar
Ratta maar, zaraa zore se..
Dar ke milegaa kya, lega kya too ukhaad
Gatak ke pee ja tonic jeet kaa yaar
Ratta maar..

Forget the everest, Climb the mountains of books hundreds of times
Mug up by speaking it aloud
Make your brain run faster, hit it with lash, hit it
Mug up by speaking it aloud
What will you get by frightening, what will you get out of it
Swallow the tonic of victory, my friend
Mug up..

At the end of the day, uper tere, latki hai performance ki talwar
Aesi dariyaa hai yeh
Remember karle, jo doobe wahi hota hai paar
Jo bhi aaye yaha pe, usko chance ek milti hai
Har najar ki yaha pe socho, ek manjil hi hai
Mauka miley to khonaa nahi, ki aayega na ye baar baar
Dhakkaa maar zaraa zore se
Dhakkaa maar zaraa tezz se
Dhakkaa maar, dhakkaa maar..

At the end of the day, the sword of performance is hung above you
This is such a river
Remember this, the one to drown will survive
Whoever comes here, gets a single chance
Think, every sight here has just a single destination
If you get a chance, don’t lose it, it won’t come again and again
Push it hard..
Push a bit fast
Push it, push it.

Hoo maar ley rattaa, hojaa 100 percent tayyaar
Na chod kasar too koi
Chal maar le bazi maar
Hai ek hi solution teri mushkil ka yaar

Mug up and be ready for hundred percent marks
Don’t leave any mistake
Come and win this time
There is just one solution for your problem..

Ratta maar..
Com’on com’on..



Funny Proffs!!

This post is about some of my crazy professors in college who made me laugh hilariously due to something funny they said or did. One of my prof’s didn’t pronounce properly. I think when he was young he didn’t go to a proper English medium school. As a result, we have fallen down laughing in class at times during his lectures!!

Like for example – he would enter class, and he would say ” ok girls please take ur CHEERS.. (he means CHAIRS LOL) he would go to his computer, and ask so how was your EXAIM (he means exam.don’t miss out the I 😛 i have spelled it incorrectly to show how he pronounces it). From where do you study? Do you use the GOOGLES? (LOL who says googleS 😛 )

Then once he took a class on FAT, omg he kept pronouncing it like FATE FATE..and the VAILUES OF FATE….LOL

And that is not the end. You know what was the most funniest thing about his class, he kept saying Ase well Ase (as well as) – these 3 words he would use them like a full stop. Meaning if he is explaining something in class, he would say – the NARMAL HARMOONE VAILUES ARE ……….(he would say the full sentence and at the end)……ASE WELL ASE.  Literally. Its like I’m saying My name is Sally, As well as.

thats it. it took us one class to realise that he doesn’t say anything after ase well ase!! And he uses it at the end of sentences like its his normal English sentence. LOL

ps: My name is not Sally. 😛

This was a troll i had made that day after coming back home… check it out.


The below picture is about another professor, her pronunciations were PERFECT and her classes were also really good. We use to love listening to her Dermatology lectures. BUT she did one stupid thing..and i couldn’t help making a troll on it 😛


We had our FIRST microbiology lab class and since the time table changed randomly we were unprepared for the class. We girls didn’t know that we were supposed to get our lab coats and colour pencils to draw out the stuff etc. So when we entered the lab all of us were without anything except for just a Blue or black pen with a small notebook. The prof was like where are your Lab coats?? How can you come to the lab without lab coats? You people are like soldiers, soldiers who have come to war ( he means class) without guns (lab coats) and rifles (colours) !!!! Do soldiers ever go to war unprepared? How can you’l come unprepared for class?

LOL till date this makes me laugh!! 😛

Then there was a prof who would never come to the point. And he would never understand any doubt/question we would ask him. And the most annoying point about his classes was that he would explain one lecture for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyssssssss!

Like the professors prepare their lectures on powerpoint. So in one hour class, he would teach 4-5 slides repeating the same point again and again. Sometimes he would even explain the meaning of each word in the sentence. We would be doing the same topic for weeks. His classes were sooooo annoying!!!  But now a days he is rushing with the portion. Its like he got some amazing powers and THANK GOD he takes one lecture in one hour.

These are a few funny memories of my college craziness. Hope you had fun reading them.  🙂